What is a “low code” API generator?

It’s a visual “drag and drop” editor that will generate the routes necessary to use Allison services. Instead of programming everything manually, Allison abstracts and automates the code, so that you can paste it into your app.

What is the onboarding process to go live?

Allison adheres to the most diligent requirements for Know-Your-Business. As such, there will be a detailed assessment that a Fintech customer will need to complete prior to being issued production environment access. This includes, but is not limited to: verification of the company registration, business license updates, and identity of directors and other owners. Requirements… Continue reading What is the onboarding process to go live?

What if our Fintech has a use case that isn’t covered here?

We love exploring new use cases. Please reach out to use at: hello@tryallison.com

What is a ‘virtual financial container’?

A virtual financial container is a digitally created and managed account for an individual or an entity. This account exists within Allison and sits underneath a Master account at a Community Bank, assigned to your Fintech company. It can hold money, or anything of financial value.

What is the pricing?

Reach out to us directly and we can work with your Fintech company to establish a cost-effective price point. Contact us here: hello@tryallison.com

What is the relationship between our Fintech, Allison and the Community Bank?

Allison is the technology provide that connects your Fintech to a Community Bank. All contractual banking relationships are directly with the respective Community Bank.

Does Allison process transactions?

No. Allison is a technology provider that leverages the banking services of a Community Bank. The only services provided are related to depository banking.

Can I connect to multiple Community Banks?

No. At this time, a Fintech can only connect to a single Community Bank, at any given time.

Can a credit union leverage the Allison system?

Yes. If you want to use Allison within your existing Fintech program, or want to create a new revenue source by starting one, contact us here: banking@tryallison.com

What about compliance/risk management?

Allison can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your internal policies and procedures. While Allison is not compliance software, we do use a third-party Partner to ensure all regulatory requirements are met.